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Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn International book copyright. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn International book copyright. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

Thứ Hai, 12 tháng 6, 2023




Writing a book takes skill, and that skill is an art. Skills include two types: hard skills and soft skills. Writing is both a hard skill and a soft skill, so it's called an art. I have an example, it's the art of writing money to make it possible for everyone involved in the writing industry to make money from your intellectual property. In a way, writing a book is different from all other genres in that we have to visualize a book. Everyone who reads a book knows it's a tool. The first tool of cultural propaganda. Second, books are a tool to educate the market. Third, books are for sharing knowledge. Fourth, share skills. Fifth is to share experiences. There are many different types of books in the world, but we can categorize most of them through them.

The important question is, where do book writing skills come from? The first is reading. Reading to writing is one of the very effective methods that we can all share. There is a read-to-write formula. It's a recipe for being able to write every book we want. This is the most basic skill for anyone who wants to write a good book. In a number of books called "Read to Write," I've shared with everyone a five-question formula to start writing any book you want. Those 5 questions are: “Who do I write books for?”. I mean, what kind of statue do I give it? Who is my audience? Who is my target audience? Who are the recipients of my knowledge? Even that audience is the people with the problems. It is the simplest way we can ask questions to write a book.

The second question is “What do I write about?” Or in other words, what problem do I write the book to solve for my clients, for my readers, and for all those who enjoy the knowledge I share? The third question is, "How do I connect what I know with the four emotional cores?". The quartet of emotional acupoints shared in a book is "Emotional Death District" by Rolden, one of the hypnotists. The book teaches you how you can share to instantly wake people up. It's an emotional quartet formula that ties into what we share, and all the experts in the world do. Associate what you write with the emotional quartet and that's the third question.

The fourth question is “how do I culture what I share in terms of the emotional quartet”? What is the culture that I share on the emoji quartet? That is the art of writing, it is no different from the art of speaking or the art of hypnotizing words. If you culture what you share, you can always penetrate people's minds with the greatest ease. It is a formula applied by the top successful experts in the world. Why is the field of success one of those forces so difficult that it has no formula? If people try to find success, they will have a lot of trouble. One of the problems is how do people have a formula? People are a constant change. And how can we sell formula? How can we do formulaic marketing? And how can we do formula marketing? How can we build formulaic leadership? How can we manage?…

We see that those formulas are very distant formulas for the uneducated, those who learn in school, and it is far away for those who do not know anything about success. But why do scientists succeed? They have a recipe for it. And those formulas are the formulas called culture. That means you divide that thing you share into two schools, one left and right, top and bottom, high and low.

That is the law of duality. The world has always existed something called duality, consisting of two layers. The first layer is the left layer, the second layer is the right layer, the first layer is the bottom layer, the second layer is the upper layer, the first layer is white, the second layer is black, the first layer is good, the second layer is evil… All success books contain a formula called a dualistic formula, which divides it into two layers. That is the fourth question to culture what we share.

And that fifth question is designing a book based on what we share. One way to be a book is to base it on the table of contents, on the title, on all that we know about the book. That is the first and most important formula called read to write. In addition, there are 3 formulas for building and developing writing skills. We can share in the next posts. With this article, I have shared a unique, best recipe for all those who want to write and master the skill of writing from reading.

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Chủ Nhật, 11 tháng 6, 2023




When it comes to the book publishing process, there are at least two basic book publishing processes that you need to refer to.


The first publishing process is called the traditional book publishing process, the traditional book publishing process is a complex book publishing process that requires a lot of procedures and related factors for a book to be published. Your book is published. The traditional book publishing process existed long before it was talked about, and to a certain extent this book publishing process still exists today.


The second book publishing process is called the innovative book publishing process or also known as the modern book publishing process, it can help you improve your publishing achievement as well bring his book to the public without too many cumbersome procedures. It allows you to publish your book through an intermediary - they can help you publish the book and release it to the public.


While the modern book publishing process can reduce the processes involved in getting a book published, it is nonetheless approved by a publisher for review and licensing. Your book comes to the public through book publishing. That said, even if you use the Improved Book Publishing Process (also known as the Modern Book Publishing Process), the factors involved in publishing a book remain the same in the same way that it used to be created from the traditional book publishing process.

To understand the above clearly, more factors are needed for you to be able to distinguish between them, but here are just a few of the things that can help you achieve great value when you become a member. What is the value of publishing your book and making your book available to the public?


Here's a quick look at the following values ​​that can help you as you become an author:

First: You gain people's admiration when you become an author. Being an author is not an easy thing and so in a competitive economy and in building an economy that is based on socio-cultural values ​​as well as the value of contributing to society. community, the fact that you are both an entrepreneur and an author, your value to the community is enormous. And so you earn the admiration of people - from there you can build personal brands, product brands, organizational brands to create lasting value in the minds of customers. Becoming an Author is of Great Value - That's why many entrepreneurs around the world, once successful, begin to aspire to become an author like Starbucks Owner (Howard Schultz) write a book called "Drop Your Heart", like Donald Trump wrote "Why We Want You To Be Rich", like Robert Kiyosaki wrote "Rich Dad Poor Dad"... all of them create a community's admiration for them and so they can run their business more smoothly. If you want to build a business and want that business career to contribute more to the community and create social culture, becoming an author and publisher Whether with an improved book publishing process or a traditional book publishing process, it is extremely valuable.


Second: Publishing a book gives you a power of authority.

Authority is not easy to achieve if you are not a legislator or a politician. But if you are an entrepreneur and want to create your own authority as a culture and thought-builder for the community, then that is why you should become one. Become an author in today's competitive economy. That is why in English the word author is called Author, the word authority is called Authority. If you understand the immense value of publishing such a book, then an improved book publishing process can help you achieve immediate results.


Third: Becoming an author with an improved Book Publishing Process will bring you huge profits - a passive income that not everyone can have. Where does your income come from? Your source of income comes from the fact that your book can bring value to the community and from there can bring value to you. More than ever as an author from publishing with the innovative Book Publishing Process you can derive tremendous value from your reputation - from income and influence. That's why Royal Books' innovative book publishing process can help you get what you want.

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